NBA 2016-17 All Star Voting Round 2 Visualized (Jan 12th)

It seems like the NBA does not have anyone on their staff that can do data visualization.  We were provided simple excel tables for the last two all star standings updates by the NBA on Jan 5th and Jan 12th.  In order to better understand the results I am going to visualize the data with the help of Tableau Public.

Using slope charts we can understand the all star voting much better.

  • East Conference: Frontcourt – Majority of votes have gone to LeBron and Giannis.
  • West Conference: Frontcourt – Zaza continues his impressive voting count from Jan 5th by remaining second behind his teammate Kevin Durant.
  • East Conference: Guards – Uncle Drew
  • West Conference: Guards – A three headed race between 3 players that are usually in the MVP discussion (Curry, Westbrook, and Harden).

In order see if there has been a change in voting pattern from Jan 5th I decided to analyze the growth in votes between Jan 5th and Jan 12th (shown below).

It is interesting that for the most of the players who earned top 10 voting honors on Jan 5th remained around the same spot within the top 10 in the Jan 12th voting totals.

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