Associated Press Top 25 College Football Rankings – Week 6 Update

Every Sunday Associated Press (AP) sportswriters vote on who they think are the top 25 college football teams in the country.  Points are given based on rank vote (for example a 1st place vote is worth 25 points and a 25th place vote is worth 1 point).

The graphic below shows the history of AP votes for each of the top 25 teams since the start of the 2016-17 season by a weekly level.  This helps understand how a team has gotten to their current AP ranking.  Alabama in Week 6 had the most AP votes with 1,512.

Ranked Game Results in Week 5

Week 5 had four top 25 matchups.  Washington’s impressive win against Stanford has moved them to the Top 5 for the first time this season.  Wisconsin and Louisville lost by a small margin to their respective opponents and were not heavily penalized by the AP voters.

Rank Movement from Week 5 to Week 6

  • It was business as usual for Alabama, Ohio State, and Michigan in week 5 as they continue to win their games.
  • Louisville dropped out of the Top 3 and was replaced with Clemson after Clemson beat Louisville 42-36 on Saturday night.
  • Washington moved to 5th after beating Stanford 44-6.

Which teams from the top 25 have played the toughest competition so far?

In order to analyze the strength of schedule for each of the AP top 25 I used the following metrics:

  • # of games they have played against teams in the week 6 top 25.
  • # of games they have won against teams in the week 6 top 25.
  • The total AP points given to the opponents they have played so far this season in the week 6 AP poll.


  • The top 9 teams all have wins against atleast one team that is currently in the AP top 25.
  • Clemson, Michigan, and Louisville have played against some of the toughest competition in the country and have performed well.
  • While Oklahoma and Ole Miss have played against tough competition they have not been able to win any games against ranked teams.


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